200.024D Residency Training in Community Settings


200.024Family Practice Residency Training in Community Settings: The Essentials for Family Practice Faculty should include qualified (board certified or equivalent) community physicians to supervise residents on a part-time basis, who agree to guarantee continuity of care, teaching and supervision, who participate in residency program-directed orientation and training for community physician faculty and follow a residency program-specified curriculum. TMA approved requesting a change in the Essentials for Family Practice Center, to include as family practice centers, the offices of community physicians who agree to serve as community-based family practice faculty. In addition to complying with these qualifications and agreements, the faculty may agree to guarantee that their offices meet existing family practice center requirements for functional status, design, size, diagnostic laboratory and imaging services, location, equipment, record system, scheduling, hours of operation, and source of income. Or, they may agree to guarantee compliance as an elective learning experience for residents such as currently being used for Texas rural rotations (Council on Medical Education, p 100, I-94; deleted CME Rep. 4-A-04).

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October 07, 2016