200.007 Medical Student and Resident Abuse


Medical Student and Resident Abuse: The Texas Medical Association adopted recommendations of the AMA task force on medical student and resident abuse calling for each institution to establish and widely disseminate a policy that (1) sets forth the expected standards of behavior of the teacher and the learner; (2) delineates procedures for dealing with breaches of those standards, including avenues for complaints, procedures for investigations, protection/confidentiality, and sanctions; (3) outlines a mechanism for prevention and education; and (4) urges medical schools to develop innovative ways of preparing students for their roles as educators of other students as well as patients. TMA encouraged adoption of this policy at all medical schools and residency programs and asked its Council on Medical Education to establish criteria to assure effective enforcement (Resident Physician Section, p 131, I-91; reaffirmed CME Rep. 7-A-03; reaffirmed CMS Rep. 1-A-13).

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October 07, 2016