205.010 Medical Education Funding by the State


Medical Education Funding by the State: The Texas Medical Association believes that (1) the State of Texas should continue to support medical education and fully fund all existing medical schools, and that any decrease in class size should not result in an inappropriate decrease in state appropriations; (2) the state should not reduce appropriations for institutions that bring in outside grant funds; (3) an active program for education of minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics, concerning the benefits of the medical profession should be instituted beginning in junior high school. In addition, the recruitment of minorities to attend schools out of state should be countered by offering incentives to highly qualified students to remain in Texas; (4) because teaching hospitals have a disproportionate share of indigent care, thus forcing competition for private-pay patients, the state needs to change Medicaid requirements to increase the influx of federal monies to help pay for care; and (5) the state should fund special items that promise research productivity with a payoff for Texas health care in the form of improved quality or measurable economic return, such as items designed to improve development of a biotechnology industry (Council on Medical Education, p 90, A-94; reaffirmed CME Rep. 4-A-04; reaffirmed CME Rep. 2-A-14).

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October 07, 2016