165.005 Public School Finance and Taxes


Public School Finance and Taxes: The Texas Medical Association supports the following guiding principles for advocacy regarding public school finance and tax issues:

Any school finance/tax rewrite proposal must:

• Promote a high quality public education system that will prepare all Texas public school students for future opportunities and personal development, including enrollment in Texas medical schools and residency programs;

• Provide a means for increasing health literacy among Texas graduates, leading to a healthier population;

• Create and maintain a vibrant economy for industries including health care;

• Take into consideration the substantial contributions physicians make to the public health infrastructure through charitable and subsidized care;

• Protect patient access to high quality, timely medical care; and

• Be simple to understand, collect, administer, and enforce without excessive compliance costs (TPW Rep. 1-I-04; reaffirmed CSE Rep. 2-A-14).

Last Updated On

October 07, 2016