145.019 Mental Health Equitable Treatment and Parity


Mental Health Equitable Treatment and Parity: The Texas Medical Association (1) supports mental health equitable treatment (parity) of health insurance coverage for psychiatric brain disease and malfunction (mental illness including substance abuse/chemical dependency) equal to that for other medical conditions; (2) continues to educate members, patients, and the media about the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of treatments for psychiatric brain disease and malfunction, and about the congressional bills being debated; (3) continues to lobby the Texas Legislature to increase the scope of its limited parity law to include all psychiatric illnesses that significantly affect the quality of life and functioning of its citizens; (4) continues to strive to overcome barriers to access of mental health care for the uninsured, as well as for policyholders whose health plans exclude or discourage optimal care; and (5) supports state funding for pilots to improve treatment for psychiatric care and substance abuse in support of law enforcement and to increase jail diversion (Res. 20-I-02; amended CSPH Rep. 3-A-12).

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October 07, 2016