140.010 Newborn Genetic Screening


Newborn Genetic Screening: The Texas Medical Association supports universal screening in Texas of all core conditions identified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children in its Recommended Uniform Screening Panel for newborns. TMA recognizes that a comprehensive newborn screening program should consist of a statewide continuum of services coordinated by the Texas Department of State Health Services, including education, screening, tracking, follow-up, diagnosis, treatment, and management of those conditions identified in the program. To ensure early detection and appropriate follow-up care for all babies born in Texas with genetic diseases or hearing loss, all delivery care attendants are urged to participate in the state’s newborn screening program and to use the state’s available tracking and reporting systems.

Other components of the state’s newborn screening program should include an accountable stakeholder group, an independent clinical advisory group, use of a regional specialty services process, and use of evidence-based measures defined as science published in peer-reviewed journals and supported by a consensus of experts. Ongoing and continuous quality evaluation and improvement is critical and must protect patient confidentiality and ethical handling/storage of dried blood spots. Education efforts should include parents/families, clinicians, and hospitals (CSA Rep. 3-A-07; amended CM-MPH Rep. 2-A-11).

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October 07, 2016