130.014 Length of Stay Discharge Criteria


Length of Stay Discharge Criteria: The Texas Medical Association supports the focus of the American Medical Association policy on length-of-stay discharge criteria.


TMA defines discharge criteria as organized, evidence-based guidelines that protect patients’ interests in the discharge process following the principle that the needs of patients must be matched to settings with the ability to meet those needs. Physicians, specialty societies, insurers, and other involved parties should join in developing, promoting, and using such evidence-based discharge criteria.


TMA endorses the following principles in development of evidence-based discharge criteria. (a) Objective and subjective patient assessments of stability are matched to the ability of the discharge setting to provide care. (b) Patient care and functional status needs are matched with family or caregiver ability and willingness to participate in patient care activities. (c) Needs for medical follow-up are in alignment with the ability and likelihood patients will participate with follow-up.


TMA supports a discharge process which includes (a) planning, (b) teamwork, (c) contingency plans/access to medical care, (d) responsibility/accountability, and (e) communication.


TMA promotes training at all levels of medical education in the use of discharge criteria to assist in planning for patient care. TMA encourages research in clinical outcomes and utilization of resources in different health care settings (Council on Scientific Affairs, p 137, I-96; amended CSA Rep. 4-A-08; reaffirmed CHSO Rep. 1-A-18).


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August 20, 2018