130.006 Hospital Medical Staff Bylaws


Hospital Medical Staff Bylaws: The Texas Medical Association supports changes in current laws to make established hospital medical staff bylaws binding upon and enforceable by the hospital medical staff and the board.

TMA policy is for Hospital Accrediting Organizations to include in its standards a provision which would require that medical staff bylaws, when formally approved by a hospital governing board, be mutually and equally binding on both the governing board and the medical staff.

TMA endorses the following principles for inclusion in future drafts of the Medical Staff Chapter of the Accreditation Manual for Healthcare Organizations:

(1) Continue the use of the term “medical staff” in the title of the chapter and throughout the manual;

(2) Provide consideration of qualified limited licensed practitioners when authorized by state laws and approved by the executive committee of the medical staff and the governing board;

(3) Require that 100 percent of the voting members of the executive committee be fully licensed physicians actively practicing; and

(4) Ensure that all hospitalized patients receive the same standard of care through appropriate language relating to admissions and the responsibility for the medical care of patients (Hospital Medical Staff Section, p 151-152, A-93; reaffirmed CHSO Rep. 1-A-03; amended CHSO Rep. 1-A-13).

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October 07, 2016