110.009 Health Care Coverage


Health Care Coverage: The Texas Medical Association supports tax law reforms which (1) increase the tax-preferenced insurance and spending choices available to patients; (2) encourage individuals to buy insurance and set aside funds for medical needs; (3) provide subsidies to those who are most in need; and (4) encourage personal responsibility and participation of patients in the financing and benefit design decisions that ultimately determine their health benefit coverage. TMA supports efforts to develop viable policies that can improve the provision of care for the uninsured population. If federal standards are relaxed or revised to allow risk rating and coverage exclusions for preexisting conditions, the State of Texas should act immediately to create a new high-risk health insurance pool to provide insurance coverage for individuals who cannot otherwise secure it (CSE Rep. 6-I-01; amended CSE Rep. 8-A-11; amended CSE Rep. 5-A-17).

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May 30, 2017