105.015D Medical Record Privacy Act


Medical Record Privacy Act: The Texas Medical Association, through its Council on Legislation, will call upon the State of Texas, acting through its duly constituted legislature, at its next regular session, to enact a Medical Record Privacy Act requiring that the electronic transmission of medical records be secure from interception, reading, and use by any person, organization, institute, or agency not authorized by the person whose medical records are being transmitted (any unauthorized interception, reading, or use by an unauthorized person, organization, institute or agency shall constitute a Class A felony punishable by imprisonment and/or fine); and that the Medical Record Privacy Act encourage adoption of software encryption methods used to secure the electronic transmission and storage of medical records to ensure the privacy of medical records (to ensure that information transmitted to non-U.S. physicians remain confidential, the encryption used should be available worldwide) (Res. 29EE, p 177B, I-97; amended CSE Rep. 1-A-08; deleted CSE Rep. 1-A-18).


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August 20, 2018