95.041 Ensuring Patient Access to Affordable Prescription Medications


Ensuring Patient Access to Affordable Prescription Medications: The Texas Medical Association will: (1) support programs whose purpose is to contain the rising costs of prescription drugs provided that the following criteria are satisfied: (a) physicians must have significant input into the development and maintenance of such programs; (b) such programs must encourage optimum prescribing practices and quality of care; (c) all patients must have access to medically indicated prescription drugs necessary to treat their illnesses; (d) physicians must have the freedom to prescribe the most appropriate drug(s) and method of delivery for the individual patient; and (e) such programs should promote an environment that will give pharmaceutical manufacturers the incentive for research and development of new and innovative prescription drugs; (2) study the issue of drug pricing, including whether large price increases impact patient access to critical medications; (3) support the application of greater oversight to the establishment of closed distribution systems for prescription drugs; (4) support the mandatory provision of samples of approved out-of-patent drugs upon request to generic manufacturers seeking to perform bioequivalence assays; (5) work with interested parties to support legislation or regulatory changes that streamline and expedite the FDA approval process for generic drugs; and (6) support measures that increase price transparency for generic and brand-name prescription drugs. (Substitute Res. 405-A-16 and Res. 409-A-16).

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June 20, 2019