95.026 Patient Access and Pharmacist Conscientious Objection


Patient Access and Pharmacist Conscientious Objection: While agreeing to reasonable accommodation of a pharmacist’s right of conscientious objection, the Texas Medical Association supports governmental policies that safeguard the patient-physician relationship and protect patients’ right to obtain legally prescribed and medically indicated treatments in a clinically timely manner. TMA will (1) enter into discussions with relevant associations (including but not limited to the Texas Hospital Association and state pharmacy associations) to guarantee that if an individual pharmacist exercises a conscientious refusal to dispense a legal prescription, a patient’s right to obtain legal prescriptions will be protected by immediate referral to an appropriate dispensing pharmacy; (2) in the absence of all other remedies, support state legislation that will allow physicians to dispense medication to their own patients when there is no pharmacist within a medically reasonable distance who is able and willing to dispense that medication; and (3) help educate physicians and the public concerning the mechanism of action of emergency contraception (CM-MPH Rep. 3-A-06; reaffirmed PPAC Rep. 1-A-16).

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October 07, 2016