70.009 CME Conflict of Interest


70.009 Conflict of Interest, CME Activities: It is the policy of the Texas Medical Association that its continuing medical education programming not be influenced by the special interests of anyone associated with the activities it provides and jointly provides. Therefore, it is expected that continuing medical education faculty, program planners, consultants, and other individuals associated with the development and implementation of the association’s activities forthrightly disclose all relevant financial relationships of any amount in the past 12 months with any commercial interest that may create a conflict of interest relative to their role in the activity. Such disclosure should be made in writing to the Committee on Continuing Education, which will evaluate the potential conflict prior to the activity and determine appropriate action. Potential conflicts of interest shall not automatically disqualify an activity or speaker. Such conflicts, however, shall be resolved and always fully disclosed through appropriate statements in the activity’s promotional material or in moderator or faculty remarks at the beginning of the activity. Any individual who refuses to disclose relevant financial relationships cannot participate as a planner, teacher, or author of CME activities (Reaffirmation of 1991 policy in lieu of Res. 29AA, p 161E, A-98; amended CME Rep. 4-A-08; amended CM-CE Rep. 2-A-18).

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August 16, 2018