70.005 CME in Texas


CME in Texas: The Texas Medical Association reaffirms its policy to support voluntary continuing medical education for physicians in Texas. TMA supports the development of methods to measure the impact and outcomes of CME on physician practice patterns and patient care.

Life-long continuing education for all physicians is a necessary goal. Individual physicians should pursue self-directed learning opportunities through a broad spectrum of continuing education means. The Texas Medical Association supports voluntary continuing medical education and opposes mandatory continuing education as a basis for Texas Medical Association membership or state relicensure. The development of high quality continuing medical education through accredited programs in Texas hospitals and institutions is a high priority. TMA, in studying the issue of mandated CME, approved the following points:

(1) That TMA continue to recognize traditionally structured CME and self-directed learning as vital for practicing physicians and for assuring the public of physicians’ commitment to protecting their health.

(2) That TMA is committed to assuring quality, low-cost CME for all physicians.

(3) That any system of required documentation of CME activities associated with the registration of a physician licensure should allow for traditionally structured CME, self-directed learning, and widely used formats of CME with specific requirements and safeguards.

(4) That establishment of adequate administrative mechanisms to maintain documentation and validation of CME activities associated with the reregistration of a physician license should not pose bureaucratic challenges or costs to the physician or to the state.

(5) That TMA support reporting of continuing medical education at the time of reregistration of a physician’s license to practice medicine in Texas (Committee on Continuing Education, p 111, A-92; Council on Medical Education, p 93, I-92; amended CME Rep. 1-A-06; reaffirmed CM-CE Rep. 1-A-16).

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October 07, 2016