70.004 CME Commercial Support


70.004 CME Commercial Support: In keeping with its CME mission, the Texas Medical Association shall provide CME activities which serve to improve the physician’s ability to provide appropriate and high quality medical care to the people of Texas. To fully accomplish this goal, all CME activities provided and jointly provided by TMA shall fully comply with the Standards for Commercial Support, Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities, as set forth by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. Therefore, it is TMA’s policy that the association maintain full control over the content, quality, and scientific integrity of all activities certified for continuing medical education credit. This control extends to assessment and prioritizing of physician CME needs, development of education objectives and methodology, selection of content and faculty, evaluation procedures, and funding options.

CME presentations must provide an unbiased view of therapeutic options, efficacy, and risk factors. Use of generic names is encouraged. If one product trade name is used, then all trade names of mentioned products should be used. When commercial exhibits or social activities are part of an overall program, such activities shall be placed apart from the educational activities and implemented in a manner that will neither interfere with, nor take precedence over, educational activities.

TMA requires that medical industry subsidies be submitted in the form of a general educational grant for the activity. All financial support shall be provided with full knowledge and approval of TMA. Placement of exhibits shall not be a condition of support for any TMA CME activity.

TMA will not provide or jointly provide activities for which physicians receive payment, substantial gifts, or expense reimbursement from medical industry to attend.

Commercial subsidies for modest meals or social events planned by TMA as part of the activity are permitted within reason. Likewise, speakers may receive responsible honoraria and expense reimbursement paid in accordance with TMA’s Policy on Faculty Honoraria for CME Activities.

Scholarship or other special funding to permit medical students, residents, or fellows to attend selected education conferences may be provided, as long as the selection of students, residents, or fellows who will receive the funds is made by either the academic or training institution or the accredited provider, acting with the concurrence of the other (Committee on Continuing Education, p 100-101, I-92; reaffirmed CM-CE Rep. 1-A-03; amended CME Rep. 4-A-08; amended CM-CE Rep. 2-A-18).

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August 16, 2018