55.016 Sexuality Education


Sexuality Education: The Texas Medical Association supports age and developmentally appropriate comprehensive kindergarten through college sexuality education that is theory based, research based, and skills oriented. Effective curricula should focus on abstinence; avoidance of sexual risk-taking behaviors; availability of reproductive health choices; and information on responsible decision making, social influences, and peer pressures.

TMA should promote through visible and vocal leadership, to the state and other interested organizations and associations, its policy advocating comprehensive programs in sexuality education.

TMA will act as a resource and clearinghouse for scientific, medically accurate information on adolescent sexuality, dispelling medical misinformation, and for information on sexuality education programs.

TMA will continue to work with the Texas Education Agency and the state legislature to develop and implement curricula on sexuality education (e.g., education for self-responsibility).

TMA will monitor and encourage research on the effectiveness of different sexuality curricula.

TMA will actively seek community, business, and corporate support for this policy.

TMA will lead a coalition to promote comprehensive sexuality education in schools throughout Texas (Council on Public Health, p 106, and Res. 28N, p 172, A-94; reaffirmed CM-CAH Rep. 4-A-04; amended CM-CAH Rep. 4-A-10).

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October 07, 2016