45.010 National Blood Policy


National Blood Policy: The Texas Medical Association supports the FDA’s National Blood Policy and established regional community blood centers. The policy calls for an all-volunteer blood supply and regionalization of blood service units. “Regionalization” is defined in the policy as an organization of voluntary nonprofit blood banks and transfusion services that meet the following performance criteria: (1) accepting responsibility for recruiting volunteer donors in the region; (2) including at least one facility licensed to ship blood over state lines; (3) providing total blood service within its area on a schedule in keeping with the needs of the region; (4) having the capacity to provide expert medical consultation on hemotherapy, compatibility problems, cellular therapies, patient blood management, and other blood related problems when needed; (5) providing range and quantity of blood components required in the region; and (6) meeting current appropriate inspection and accreditation standards (Committee on Blood and Tissue Usage, p 163, I-96; reaffirmed CM-BTU Rep. 2-A-06; amended CSPH Rep. 1-A-16).

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October 07, 2016