40.006 American Medical Association


American Medical Association: The Texas Medical Association urges the AMA to define a set of core advocacy principles which would be the mission of AMA and would redefine it as the pre-eminent physician organization representing medicine, patients, and physicians in the following activities: (1) Congressional and governmental regulatory issues at all levels; (2) reimbursement issues, both government and private, related to the practice of medicine and dedicated to preservation of the physician workforce and plurality of delivery systems; (3) medical practice liability reform issues at local, state, and national levels; (4) medical practice issues directly affecting the practice of medicine and dedicated to maintaining medicine’s therapeutic cornerstone, the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship; and (5) evaluate public health and science, current and advancing, and set ethical standards to maintain the highest safety and therapeutic milieu for all patients (Res. 104-A-02; amended TEXDEL Rep. 3-A-12).

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October 07, 2016