30.037 Opposition to Accelerated Training for IMGs and Ex-Military as Physician Assistants


Opposition to Accelerated Training for IMGs and Ex-Military as Physician Assistants: TMA does not endorse a lowering of standards in state law for the education and training or licensing of health care practitioners. This includes special, accelerated educational and licensing pathways for specific groups, such as physician assistant training programs for international medical graduates (IMGs) or ex-military. TMA believes all applicants to Texas physician assistant training programs should be held to the same admissions standards and all students in the program to the same graduation standards. All physician assistants should be required to meet the national standards to be eligible for a patient care practice, which at this time is certification by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

TMA also recognizes the undue burden such programs would place on U.S. health professions educational programs, such as physician assistant programs, in accurately evaluating the equivalency of educational and training experiences for graduates of medical schools in other countries or nonphysicians who served in the U.S. Armed Forces or reserves.

Research studies have demonstrated the importance of ensuring that IMGs have adequate exposure to and experience with the U.S. health care delivery system before entry into practice in the United States. TMA believes patient safety and quality of care are paramount, and on this basis, the requirements herein should be applicable to all health professions (CM-PDHCA Rep. 3-A-15).

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June 20, 2019