25.011D Underage Drinking and Substance Abuse


25.011Underage Drinking and Substance Abuse: The following statements are policies of the Texas Medical Association relating to underage drinking and/or substance abuse (Amended CPH Rep. 9-I-98; reaffirmed CM-CAH Rep. 2-A-06; deleted CM-CAH Rep.1-A-16).

(1) TMA encourages all physicians and residents to screen for alcohol and substance abuse during routine history taking, to offer counseling and/or referral where appropriate, and to engage in preventive counseling with children and youth.

(2) TMA recommends that medical school curricula, residency training programs, and continuing medical education programs emphasize all aspects of alcohol and drug abuse so that practicing physicians will be better prepared to meet the health needs of a changing society.

(3) TMA will actively work to minimize youth exposure to alcohol marketing and advertising through support of public policies that restrict alcohol advertising at youth events and in areas where youth congregate and support of advertising of pro-health messages to counteract alcohol ads in print and electronic media.

(4) TMA supports mandatory responsible beverage service training laws and favors reducing exemptions from penalties related to irresponsible alcohol service practices.

(5) TMA supports keg registration policies. Beer kegs can be marked with a unique identification number that enables police officers to identify the adult purchaser at parties where underage individuals are caught drinking beer from kegs.

(6) TMA supports restricting state agencies from accepting alcohol and tobacco advertising.

(7) TMA supports an open container law which makes it illegal to have open containers of alcoholic beverages in vehicles.

(8) TMA encourages enforcement of laws related to alcohol and other substances and supports increased resources for enforcement.

(9) TMA supports graduated licensing policies that put restrictions on conditions that contribute to teen drinking and driving fatalities.

(10) TMA supports legislation to reduce underage drinking.

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October 07, 2016