25.006D Driving While Intoxicated Driving and Under the Influence


Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence: The Texas Medical Association supports the expansion of the term “DWI” to “DUI (Driving Under the Influence)” and broadening the definition to include driving under the influence of intoxicating drugs. TMA supports legislation to broaden the definition and to allow suspected offenders to be tested by breathalyzer, blood or urine tests, or other tests which may be developed to detect the levels of intoxicating substances by those operating a motor vehicle. In addition, TMA supports legislation to stiffen penalties for persons found to be DUI (Committee on Addictive Diseases, p 114, A-94; reaffirmed CPH Rep. 3-A-04; reaffirmed CSPH Rep. 2-A-14, deleted C-SPH Rep. 2 2020).


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October 29, 2020