20.004 Nursing Home Attending Physician


Nursing Home Attending Physician: Quality of care should be the only relevant factor in determining the appropriate frequency of physician visits to nursing homes. The attending physician should direct the course of all medical care which is delivered to the patient. Necessary services which are not personally delivered by the physician should be provided only upon the attending physician’s orders. Notations should be entered on the patient’s chart only by professionals having direct patient care responsibility, and observations by reviewing personnel should not be permitted on the patient’s medical record. Multiple visits by physicians to nursing homes should be made at the judgment of physicians or under emergency or acute conditions. The only admission requirement for long-term care facilities should be the physician’s certificate of medical necessity. Adequate skilled nursing home care should be available to Medicare beneficiaries as framers of the law originally intended.

Physicians should periodically review their prescribing patterns for nursing home patients to reduce the unnecessary destruction of unused drugs (Council on Socioeconomics, p 180, I-94; reaffirmed CHSO Rep. 2-A-04; reaffirmed CHSO Rep. 1-A-14).

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October 07, 2016