10.002 Abortion


Abortion: The Texas Medical Association recognizes abortion as a legal and time-sensitive medical procedure, and the performance of abortion must be based upon early and accurate diagnosis of pregnancy; informed and nonjudgmental counseling; prompt referral to skillful and understanding personnel working in a good facility; reasonable cost; and professional follow up (Remarks of Speaker, p 12, A-85; reaffirmed: Council on Public Health, p 105, I-89; Res. 28WW, p 218-D, A-92; Res. 28J, p 168, A-94; and Council on Health Facilities, p 64, A-97; reaffirmed CPH Rep. 2-A-07; amended CSPH Rep. 3-A-17; amended Res. 341 2021).

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July 15, 2021

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October 07, 2016