2005 Winning Lesson Plans

Winners of the 2005 TMA Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching

First Place Winners

Sue Rolf and Jean Ann Keen
Dunbar Primary School, Lufkin
Lesson Plan: " The Envelope Please… Dem Bones, a Tale from the Inside Out "

Joy Killough
Westwood High School, Austin 
Lesson Plan: " Shellfish Shenanigans "

Merit Winners

Sandra Jan Geisbush
Garner Middle School, San Antonio
Lesson Plan: " Ole, Ole! Ole, Ole! Feeling' Hot! Hot! Hot! Hyperthermia Dangers Under the Hot Texas Sun "

Pam Stryker
Barton Creek Elementary School, Austin 
Lesson Plan:  " CSI Elementary Style - The Science of Mysteries "

Brian Woodrome
Kirk Elementary School, Houston
Lesson Plan: " Kirk Medical School "

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