TMA Foundation Major Donors

Major donors to TMA Foundation include TMA and TMA Alliance members, as well as individuals who are leaders in their profession and community who share medicine’s goal to improve the health of all Texans

Dr. Ernest and Mrs. Sarah Butler

John P. McGovern, MD*

Dr. Mark J. and Mrs. Betty Kubala
Austin King, MD and the Honorable Susan King  



Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M*. Abell Jr.
Kathy and John Ehrle
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Factor
Dr. and Mrs. Russell WH Kridel
Dr. G. Sealy and Debbie Massingill
Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Charli Rohack
Catherine L Scholl, MD
Drs. Nick and Leena Shroff
Drs. Betty P.* and Charles T. Stephenson
Drs. Nalin H. and Kamal N. Tolia
Josie R. Williams, MD, MMM, CPE
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Woliver/CRC Foundation

H. Wayne Agnew, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bohn D. Allen
George Alexander, MD*
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Terri Andrews
Senator Betty* and Dr. John Andujar, MD*
Susan R. Bailey, MD
C. Enrique Batres, MD
Alan C. Baum, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Roberto J. Bayardo
Robert Bernstein, MD*
Dr. and Mrs. Phil Berry
Drs. Dawn C. and Edward D. Buckingham
Dr. and Mrs. Max C. Butler*
Dr. and Mrs. Fred F. Ciarochi
Dr. and Mrs. Jesse D*. Cone
Drs. Rosemary and Charles Conlon
Wendell D. Daniels, MD
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Joanne Davis
Dr. Robert and Jan Ellzey
Robert H. Emmick Jr., MD
Diana Fite, MD
Dr. Deborah A. Fuller and Kevin Broadway
Dr. and Mrs. Suresh N. Gadasalli
Dr. and Mrs. A. Tomas Garcia III
Dr. and Mrs. Earl L. Grant
Dr. T. David and Mrs. Lea Ann Greer
Dr. and Mrs. Martin G. Guerrero
Dr. John C. and Mrs. Pamela H. Hendricks
Dr. James and Mrs. Beverlee Herd
Dr. and Mrs. William* Hill
Dr. Bill and Joann Hinchey
Dr. Ladon W.* and Mrs. Mary Ann Homer
Drs. Isabel V. and J. Russell Hoverman
Dr. and Mrs. Byron L*. Howard
Dr. Rex and Patricia Hyer
Dr. Sajjadul and Mrs. Nasreen Islam
Dr. Nora A. Janjan and Mr. Jack Calvin
Dr. Donald and Doris A. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Art Klawitter
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Q. Lanier
Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Leshnower
Dr. and Mrs. Francis R. Lonergan
Sarah and Alan Losinger
Dr. Bruce and Libby Malone
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Merian, MD
Dr. Bruce and Mary Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Mickey
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Moy
Dr. Thomas F. and Mrs. Nancy Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Laurance N. Nickey
Dr. James T. and Mrs. Cecilia S. Norwood
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Painter
Lee Ann Pearse, MD and Mr. Einar Vagnes
Dr. Susan M. Pike and Dr. Harry T.
Dr. and Mrs. U. Prabhakar Rao
Drs. Rajam and Somayaji Ramamurthy
Regina Rogers In memory of Betty Kubala and in Honor of Mark J. Kubala, MD
Dr. William B.* and Mrs. Emily Shelton*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sloane Jr.
Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation
Drs. Robert H. and Janet E. Squires
Drs. Jane and Wesley Stafford
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Stokes
Susan M. Strate, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R*. Tanner
Angela and Jim Thompson
Dr. Lyle and Mrs. Pam Thorstenson
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Susan Todd
Carl Trusler, MD and Jayne Middleton, DMA
Dr. Albert F.* and Mrs. Virginia* Vickers
Dr. and Mrs. George W. Wharton
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence* Woliver
Dr. Dale and Mrs. Mertie L. Wood