What Do Market Changes Mean for My Existing Practice?

Physicians are undervaluing their practices in the changing market and need to understand their value as they develop their future business strategies, health care consultant John Nackel, PhD, says in a white paper prepared for TMA.

Traditionally, the sales price — or value — of a medical practice depends on the clinical specialty, the operating costs of the enterprise, and certain performance metrics. Likewise, valuation experts generally agree on the valuation model and the pricing. The current systemic changes in the health care environment cause the author to challenge the traditional model and propose a new one. This new valuation model identifies the upside potential of physicians practicing in an accountable care organization (ACO)-type environment that values building long-term patient-physician relationships, more patient interaction, preventive medicine, and better management of the environment where care is given and of testing and treatment protocols.

Read the whitepaper, "Valuing a Medical Practice: Now Worth More Than Ever!"

Last Updated On

June 28, 2022

Originally Published On

April 05, 2016