Ways to Boost Referrals

Q: How can I boost physician referrals to my solo specialty practice?

A: Do a little self-promotion to increase your visibility and build relationships. Remember, referrals are as much about relationships as expertise. Try these techniques:


  • Give thanks. Attach a handwritten thank-you note to the reports you send back to your colleagues.
  • Do lunch. Connect with colleagues in the hospital cafeteria.
  • Speak up. Give public lectures (through a hospital lecture series, for example) on specific diseases to raise your profile as an expert and as someone who understands patients' questions and concerns.
  • Spread the news. Send news about clinical procedures or drugs relating to your specialty to primary care physicians who can use the information in their own practice.
  • Build a good rep. Develop a reputation as someone who always provides prompt and complete feedback information to the referring physician.




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Last Updated On

October 31, 2016

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010

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