Health in the News

TMA News Releases - news releases produced by the TMA media and public relations staff

AHA Health News Now - the daily report for health care executives.

 AHRQ Healthcare 411  -the Agency for  Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), part of the U.S. Department of Health  and Human Services has an audio newscast series to help keep you informed  of the Agency's latest health care research findings, news, and information.  Hear the newscasts through your computer or download them to a  portable digital player such as an iPod®.  

CNN Health Interactive - current health information reported by CNN   

Innovation.orga resource that contains a wealth of timely health information and interactive features on the science, challenges, impact and future of pharmaceutical innovation.

Medical Breakthroughs - reported by Ivanhoe Broadcast News provides medical breakthroughs, family health, and consumer news for women to television station affiliates

MedPage Today: Putting Breaking News Into Practice  - developed by The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and a team of administrators and physicians, MedPage Today is a clearinghouse of new and compelling medical news information. 

Reuters Health Information- a comprehensive news service for medical professionals (by subscription) and a free consumer-oriented medical information service for patients

Science Daily- a free, advertising-supported online magazine that covers breaking news about the latest discoveries and research in science and medicine; articles are actually news releases submitted by universities and research organizations around the world