TMAF Pulse Donor Club

Resolve to Be the “Pulse” of a Healthy Texas 

Recurring Gifts Are the Simple Way to Give All Year.
We never grow weary of supporting such great projects that really make a difference in the community we serve. TMA Foundation-funded programs are worthy of the support. They enable us to keep making the difference for all those around us.
— Dr. and Mrs. Vijjeswarapu, Pulse Donors since 2016


Making a difference for all those around you, and in the health of Texans everywhere, is convenient and easy through TMA Foundation’s Pulse Donor club. Pulse Donors make a steady, recurring donation (you choose the amount and frequency) to ensure more Texans benefit from TMA and Family of Medicine health improvement and prevention programs. 

As a Pulse Donor, you can achieve your vision of a healthier Texas through your recurring gifts, enable you to:
  • EMPOWER volunteer physician, alliance and medical student members to help their communities enjoy better health,
  • INSPIRE those reached by TMA’s charitable programs to lead healthier lives, and
  • ENGAGE medicine, business and community to combine resources and share knowledge to improve the health of vulnerable Texans.

Pulse Donors are recognized in TMAF newsletters, annual posters on display at all TMA meetings and on TMAF's website (Current Pulse Donors)

For more information or to become a Pulse Donor, contact TMAF at 800 880-1300, ext. 1466, email Data Manager, William Emerson at william.emerson[at]texmed[dot]org or use our secure website.



Last Updated On

September 08, 2023

Originally Published On

February 13, 2015