Nominations for Award Program for Excellence in Academic Medicine

This multi-level award program was developed by the TMA Subcommittee for Academic Physicians to give special recognition to academic physicians who are consummate teachers, role models, and medical professionals. Please consider nominating up to 10 physicians you feel should be recognized by TMA for their achievements in teaching and service to organized  medicine, using the nomination form found here

Nomination Process

To nominate a TMA physician member to receive recognition through this award program, you must be a TMA member. 

Due to the specific and detailed eligibility requirements for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, we are not able to accept nominations for a particular level of the program and physicians receiving a nomination will be required to submit an application form. After you complete the nomination form, TMA will inform your nominee of the good news and encourage them to complete an application for the award level they feel is the fit best.  If we do not receive a completed application from the nominee by Dec. 14, 2015, the Selection Committee will not be able to consider them for recognition.

Please note: physicians can also self-nominate by submitting an application form - a nomination form is NOT required in this case.

Please submit your nomination forms to TMA by Nov. 20, 2015, to allow your nominee(s) adequate time to submit the required application materials by the Dec. 7, 2015 application deadline. You may submit a nomination form for up to ten nominees. 

When considering a nominee, please keep in mind the following minimum requirements for the award program:

Eligible applicants must:  

  • Be a member of TMA (minimum of 3 years) 
  • Have been in a faculty position for a minimum of 3 years (adjunct faculty included!) 
  • Have provided a minimum of 3 years of supervision of students, residents, and/or fellows, while actively engaged in the profession of medicine 
  • Be able to demonstrate achievement of specific performance milestones, leadership roles, advocacy for organized medicine, and participation in community service, as outlined in the criteria description table and the application forms. 

Click HERE to access the nomination form