Delegating Prescriptive Authority — to How Many?

Q. What is the ratio for the number of advanced practice registered nurses or physician assistants to whom a physician may delegate prescriptive authority?

A. Under the new rules that took effect in 2013, the answer depends on the practice setting. In facility-based hospital practices and in practices that serve medically underserved populations, there are no limitations. In all other practice settings, one physician may delegate to no more than seven full-time equivalent advanced practice registered nurses or physician assistants. This is a firm number; the waiver process for delegating more than the rule allows no longer exists.

To find out more:

  • See TMA's Delegation of Duties webpage, where you will find links to the Texas Medical Board's FAQs about the new rules on prescriptive delegation and more.
  • Read TMA's newly revised publication, Nonphysician Practitioners: Hiring, Billing, and Delegation of Duties for Nonphysician Practitioners,  second edition, now available through the TMA Education Center.

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