TMA President, Introduces TMA's Healthy Vision 2020

Healthy Vision 2020

We desperately need an unobstructed, clear view of the future of health care in Texas. Our growing population, beset by expensive acute and chronic diseases, doesn’t have enough physicians to care for them now. The legislature’s view of the massive state Medicaid budget rarely extends beyond what it takes to balance this year’s budget. Many physicians face the deluge of new laws, rules, and regulations that keeps coming between them and their patients. With Healthy Vision 2020, we bring into focus a clear and distinct view of the rest of this decade in Texas health care.

"TMA's role traditionally in this state (and nationally) is to put patients and physicians first: What's good for patients is good for medicine.

Healthy Vision 2020 is important so that everyone -- whether lay public, legislator, insurance exec, physician, health care worker -- has the same overreaching ability to understand health care issues.

This is a document that attempts to educate all of us on what we're facing -- economically, socially, politically -- what we're facing as a state and as a nation in regard to health care.

Healthy Vision 2020 is the document that lays all this out, to achieve just that goal. Better patient care, better patient outcomes. It's very simple."

The Texas Medical Association is America's largest state medical society.

Last Updated On

May 13, 2016

Originally Published On

May 25, 2013

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