Division of Membership and Business Development

The Division of Membership and Business Development oversees membership recruitment and retention activities, health information technology initiatives, development and delivery of business services to support physician practices, association strategic planning, and continuing medical education accreditation activities.


 Membership Development

  • Develops and implements all TMA and AMA membership recruitment and retention activities, and programs for the association, including marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Provides direct support to TMA members and non-members to encourage and educate about the benefits of membership.
  • Oversees TMA Medical Student Section (MSS), Resident and Fellow Section (RFS), and House Staff Coordinator (HSC) activities.
  • Extracts and analyzes data to support development and implementation of TMA recruitment programs, including efforts based upon analysis of member and non-member data, activities targeted to specific audiences, direct mail, and programs in conjunction with county medical societies and the AMA.        

Contact:  Sylvia Salazar, Director, (800) 880-1300, ext. 1433, (512) 370-1433  

Medical Student Section

  • Plans and coordinates meetings, communications, and activities for TMA Medical Student Section.
  • Develops, produces, and distributes the MSS publications.
  • Plans and coordinates the CMS Retreat and Execs Conference.       

Contact:  Karen Kollar, Section Coordinator, (800) 880-1300, Ext. 1448, (512) 370-1448 

Resident and Fellow Section   

  • Plans and coordinates meetings, communications, and activities for Resident and Fellow Section.
  • Works with section leadership to craft policies and draft resolutions for consideration by the House of Delegates.      

 Contact:  Christina Shepherd, Section Coordinator, (800) 880-1300, Ext. 1443, (512) 370-1443

Young Physician Section  

  • Plans and coordinates meetings, communications, and activities for Young Physician Section.
  • Develops activities and programs relevant to the physician just entering practice.
  • Works with section leadership to craft policies and draft resolutions for consideration by the House of Delegates.         

Contact:  Christina Shepherd, Section Coordinator, (800) 880-1300, Ext. 1443, (512) 370-1443 

Practice Management Services

  • Provides practice management services and education.
  • Provides consulting services for all operational aspects of a medical practice including:
    • New practice start-ups
    • Financial and operational assessments
    • Revenue cycle assessments
    • Coding documentation reviews
    • Management hiring and training
    • Interim practice management.
  • Serves as an informational source for day-to-day operational issues of a medical practice.
  • Coordinates and provides support for the TMA Council on Practice Management Services.        

  Contact:  Heather Bettridge, Associate Vice President, (800) 523-8776, (512) 370-1434 

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

  • Administers the association's CME accreditation program.
  • Fields inquiries about CME standards and accreditation requirements.
  • Coordinates the association's CME issues and Policy.
  • Oversees Compliance with accreditation requirements for TMA sponsored CME activities.         

Contact:  Casey Harrison, Director, (800) 880-1300, ext. 1446, (512) 370-1446 

Health Information Technology (HIT)

The adoption of HIT has the potential to bring immediate patient care benefits and directly contributes to the long-term goal of improved patient safety. Currently 69 percent of physicians report the routine use of electronic health records. Our primary task is to help Texas physicians through advocacy, educational programs and resources that create a clear pathway, first to acquisition and integration of HIT into medical offices and second into expanded uses as practices learn to generate and apply the clinical data these systems can produce. TMA continues to help physicians understand and comply with EHR reporting programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid meaningful use program.

TMA currently plays two primary roles to help encourage and support Texas physicians' adoption of health information technology:

  1. Trusted Advisor - providing education, unbiased advice, resources and consulting services to Texas physicians.
  2. Facilitator - facilitating health information exchange (HIE) development in Texas, encouraging physicians to play an integral role in the development of interoperable community-based HIEs.       

Contact:  Shannon Vogel, Director, (800) 880-1300, ext. 1411, (512) 370-1411 

Business Development and Special Projects  

TMA is continually working to offer new programs and services that assist physicians with the business side of medical practice.  These include online tools, vendor-supported educational events, and preferred pricing from practice management and lifestyle service vendors, all of which enhance the continuum of services available to TMA physician-members.  


  • Rebecca Stevens, Business Development, (800) 880-1300, ext. 1423, (512) 370-1423
  • Lena Banks, Director, Marketing, (800) 880-1300, ext. 1406, (512) 370-1406