Designing a Marketing Strategy

Follow these steps to design a marketing strategy that is right for your practice and your region:


  •  Determine your market's demographics (age, gender, income, ethnicity). Your local chamber of commerce can be a good source of demographic information.
  •  Assess your competitions' strengths and weaknesses.
  •  Assess the psychographics, or health care "culture," of the region (e.g., alternative vs. traditional health care).


Analyze your findings by identifying which of your practice's strengths can fulfill a need in your region. Determine what image the practice wants to project to reach the type of patients it plans to attract. Then set specific marketing goals - in writing - to support the image, and choose marketing tools and strategies that fit the lifestyle of the target patient population.

For example, do the patients in your target market typically attend seminars? Does your target market use social media? Would your market respond to a monthly printed newsletter?

Developing specific strategies based on research will provide your practice with a more targeted and effective marketing plan.


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June 23, 2016

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