If Your Practice Is Selected for a CERT Review

During a Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) review, you may receive a Medicare record request by mail. The letter will ask for information related to a claim you submitted, such as medical records or certificates of medical necessity, so the CERT reviewer can verify that payment was proper.

  • Respond promptly to a CERT request for information by submitting the requested supporting documentation within the time frame outlined in the request. If you miss the deadline, the CERT program registers an "error" against Novitas Solutions (the Medicare payment contractor) and you on the assumption you never rendered the services.
    • Send the specific records listed on the bar-coded cover sheet to support the services of each claim identified on the medical records/documentation pull list.
    • Photocopy each record. Make sure all copies are complete, legible, and include both sides of each page.
    • Place the bar-coded cover sheet in front of the medical record/documentation being submitted for review. Place it in front of each record when submitting multiple records. 
  • Also note:
    • Forwarding specifically requested records to the CERT contractor does not violate HIPAA privacy provisions; you don't need patient authorization to send them.
    • You cannot be reimbursed through the CERT program for the cost of duplication or mailing.   

For more information, visit the Novitas CERT page. If you have questions, email the CERT contractor at CERTprovider[at]nclinc[dot]com or (888) 779-7477. See also CERT information for providers on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.

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Last Updated On

April 01, 2021

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010