A Simple Reminder to Patients from Texas Physicians: “I’m Here” - 06/26/2020

To help you spread the message that Texas physicians are there for their patients, the Texas Medical Association has created a public service announcement  with a simple message: “I’m here.”

“Who We Are” As Texas Physicians - 06/05/2020

What defines a Texas physician? As Texas Medical Association Past President Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, says in a new video: “Those rights and privileges, those duties and responsibilities, that energy that comes from the patient-physician relationship. Taken together, it defines us. It is who we are.”

“And Then Came COVID-19.” Outgoing TMA President Calls on Medicine to Rebuild Boldly - 05/01/2020

When Austin colon and rectal surgeon David C. Fleeger, MD, was sworn in as the Texas Medical Association’s 154th president last May, a global pandemic was a nebulous threat – something physicians should watch out for but more likely to be seen in movies and on TV. That changed about six months into Dr. Fleeger’s term.

Inside on Purpose: Remind Your Patients to Keep It Up - 04/28/2020

Texas saxophonist Tomás Ramirez and music, film, and video producer Art Mendoza had to record their contribution to the Texas Medical Association’s “Stay Home, Texas” campaign inside because they certainly couldn’t do it in public.

A “Stay Home” Message That’s Twice as Nice - 04/24/2020

By now you’ve probably seen some of the videos in the Texas Medical Association’s “Stay Home, Texas” campaign, which features short performances by Texas musicians. Well, the latest installment features a new twist: A duet – by Austin singers/songwriters/guitarists Carolyn Wonderland and Shelley King.

“Shelter at Home” With Some Musical Positivity - 04/15/2020

Texas bassist and singer/songwriter Lonnie Trevino Jr. and musician Amy Hooper have written “Shelter at Home,” a song that speaks to many of the positive things taking place in the time of social distancing.

A Simple Musical Message for an Uncertain Time - 04/13/2020

You might’ve heard the term “three chords and the truth” to describe certain songs. Well, Texas musician and producer Matt Hubbard has three words and the truth for everybody during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Stay Home, Texas.”

If Your Patients Wish for Good Health, Here’s a Musical Reminder - 04/10/2020

Austin singer/writer Sara Hickman wishes three things for Texans: wellness, love, and that they stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Legislative Top 10: A Closer Look at Texas’ New “Tobacco 21” Law - 02/03/2020

One of the major public health achievements the Texas Medical Association pushed for this past legislative session was Senate Bill 21, which raises the minimum age to buy tobacco and vape-product in Texas from 18 to 21 years. The lifesaving measure, which Gov. Greg Abbott signed last week, is featured in today’s TMA’s Legislative News Hotline video report.  

TMA’s Top 10 Victories this Legislative Session - 07/09/2019

The Texas Medical Association scored on a wide range of goals to improve the state’s medical landscape during this year’s session of the Texas Legislature, which concluded in May.  TMA’s Vice President of Advocacy Darren Whitehurst tells us what we need to know about medicine's victories in the TMA Legislative News Hotline’s Top 10 Issues videos.

TMA Archives Photoshoot: A Look Back in Time(lapse) - 06/18/2019

Go behind the scenes as photographer Matt Lemke shoots some of the most interesting medical memorabilia in the Texas Medical Association archives and History of Medicine collection – everything from 15th century anatomical illustrations to Civil War postmortem dissection kits.

Legislative Top 10: What It Took To Renew the TMB for 12 Years - 06/17/2019

Today’s TMA’s Legislative News Hotline video looks at lawmakers’ quest to pass legislation to renew the Texas Medical Board for another 12 years. The Texas Legislature passed the sunset bill this session, House Bill 1504, after the 2017 legislature couldn’t get it done. It awaits Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature.

Legislative Top 10: Law Gives Liability Protections to Physicians Who Respond to Disasters - 06/14/2019

Today’s Texas Medical Association Legislative Hotline video examines Senate Bill 752, which will allow physicians and health care providers to voluntarily respond to disasters without fear of medical liability.

Legislative Top 10: Lawmakers Take Steps to Keep Texas Mothers Alive - 06/12/2019

Today’s TMA Legislative News Hotline video looks at Senate Bill 750, which requires the state Health and Human Services Commission to expand the Healthy Texas Women program for new mothers beyond the current prevention services it provides. The bill awaits Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature.

Legislative Top 10: Improving Mental Health Care Squeaks into Law - 06/11/2019

Political maneuvering late in the Texas Legislative session saved efforts to improve the effectiveness of and access to behavioral health care in Texas. Today’s TMA Legislative News Hotline video looks at the moves to save Senate Bill 10, which will provide community-level health treatment programs, and mental health research.

Legislative Top 10: Lawmakers Say No to Expanding Scope of Practice - 06/10/2019

Every legislative session, allied health professionals ask lawmakers to broaden their scope of practice to some form of health care only physicians are trained and authorized to provide. Today's TMA Legislative News Hotline video reports that lawmakers passed no such Texas Medical Association-opposed bills this term.

Legislative Top 10: Efforts to Curb Opioid Abuse Await Governor - 06/07/2019

Motivated to act by the ongoing national opioid crisis, the 86th Texas Legislature worked to limit how the powerful drugs are prescribed.  Today's Texas Medical Association Legislative News Hotline video reports on the bill that emerged and describes new prescribing rules for Texas physicians.

Legislative Top 10: Making Sense of Proposed Prior Authorization Fix - 06/06/2019

In today’s Texas Medical Association Legislative News Hotline video, TMA Vice President of Advocacy Darren Whitehurst talks about a bill awaiting Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature that helps prevent delays in care by providing more transparency for patients and physicians regarding what health plans require for prior authorizations.

Legislative Top 10: Bill Could Protect Patients From Surprise Bills - 06/05/2019

Arguably one of the biggest issues Texas lawmakers tackled this session was surprise billing, as they vowed to protect patients from receiving medical bills for care not covered by insurance. In today’s Texas Medical Association Legislative Hotline video – the second in our “top 10” series of issues the Texas Legislature addressed – TMA Vice President of Advocacy Darren Whitehurst explains the bill that could solve the problem.

Legislative Top 10: How Will Medicine Be Funded in the 2020-21 State Budget? - 06/04/2019

In this TMA Legislative News Hotline video, TMA Vice President of Advocacy Darren Whitehurst summarizes the health care-related issues and services that lawmakers included in the 2020-21 state budget. (Hint: Some items will please physicians, and some will disappointment them.)

Legislative Hotline Video: What’s Missing From Texas’ Draft Budget? - 06/03/2019

Lawmakers released their two-year spending plan for 2020-21 this week, but TMA Immediate Past President Doug Curran, MD, says one item that’s not included was greatly needed: A pay hike for doctors who care for Medicaid patients.

Hotline Video: Medicine Calls For Tobacco Reforms - 04/12/2019

In this week’s TMA Legislative Hotline Video, watch physicians and lawmakers argue why a bill making its way through the Capitol could save the lives of thousands of young Texans.  

Legislative Hotline: Bill to Raise Tobacco-Purchase Age Moving Forward - 04/05/2019

Lawmakers unveiled new balance-billing legislation this week, while several physicians testified on key issues such as limiting scope-of-practice expansions, medical liability, and pharmacy benefit managers. All of this and more in this week’s TMA Legislative News Hotline video.

Legislative Hotline Video: Prior Auth Reform, GME Take Center Stage At The Capitol - 04/05/2019

Big issues bring out big voices in this week’s Texas Medical Association Legislative News Hotline video. TMA’s president, board members, and Council on Legislation members testified in Capitol committees this week, pushing for prior authorization reform and improvements to graduate medical education.

Hotline Video: Should Health Plans Have Sole Power to Set Out-Of-Network Rates? - 03/29/2019

This week’s Texas Medical Association Legislative Hotline video takes a first look at a new bill that could give health plans exclusive power to set rates they pay physicians – for out-of-network care.