TMA Survey Results - 04/27/2021

The Texas Medical Association conducts surveys of Texas physicians to research regulatory, socioeconomic, and political issues to support federal and state legislative efforts.

Tired of Paying Fees for Electronic Payments? Take This Survey - 03/24/2021

Are you among the many physicians who are forced to pay fees to receive electronic payments? A new survey is your place to explain how those fees affect your practice.

How has Texas’ New Surprise Billing Law Affected You? - 12/10/2020

The Texas Medical Association is interested in your feedback on a law for settling certain out-of-network billing disputes involving state-regulated health plans that went into effect at the start of this year.

TMA Wants to Hear Your Thoughts on Prescribing Opioids in Texas - 09/10/2020

Since 1990, the Texas Medical Association has asked Texas physicians for their thoughts on health care practice, the economic realities of practicing medicine in the state, and what issues they believe lawmakers should take on. Check your email and please answer this month’s survey.

Was Your Choice of Specialty Right for You? - 12/10/2019

Did you know ahead of time that your specialty was a good match for your personality and what you want from medicine? Do you wish you had? A third-year medical student at UT Southwestern Medical School wants your help in developing a test to help students find the specialty that’s right for them.

What Do You Know About Environment and Health? - 08/28/2019

How knowledgeable are you on the environment and health outcomes? Has your training and experience helped prepare you to care for those effects or to advocate for change?

How Can TMA Communicate With You Better? - 10/15/2018

September is our final survey of the year, and it’s on a topic dear to my heart as editor of TMA’s physician publications: How we communicate with you, our member physicians.

Most Texas Physicians Pessimistic About State of Medicine, Survey Finds - 09/27/2018

A majority of Texas physicians feel negatively about the current and future state of the medical profession, and many would not recommend medicine as a career to their children. Those are among the findings of a recent survey of about 9,000 American physicians commissioned by the Physicians Foundation.

Few Texas Physicians Forego HIT, Survey Shows - 07/13/2018

In June, TMA sent the survey to more than 44,000 physicians to get your opinions and experiences with health information technology. We want to ensure that HIT – including EHR, e-prescribing, and health information exchange – has a positive impact on you, your patients, and your practices.