Understanding “Incident to” Billing - 11/20/2020

Can my practice provide anticoagulation monitoring for a Medicare patient in our office as “incident to” a physician’s services? On the other hand, if we refer the patient to an anticoagulation monitoring clinic, can we still bill this service as “incident to”?

Delegation of Duties - 10/07/2020

Use these resources to learn more about delegation of duties. 

Updated TMA Guide Helps Your Practice Navigate Utilizing NPPs - 08/24/2020

The Texas Medical Association has updated its best-selling publication,  Nonphysician Practitioners: Hiring, Billing, and Delegation of Duties for a Nonphysician Practitioner.

Most Valuable Team: Managing Nonphysician Staff Efficiently Can Boost Patient Care and Bottom Line - 08/02/2019

Because state laws and insurer billing requirements governing physician delegation and supervision can be tricky to navigate, practices must stay up to date to avoid potential penalties.

Medicare Billing Guidelines for NPs, CNS, and PAs - 03/04/2019

Billing Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners (NP),Clinical Nurse Specialists(CNS),and Physician Assistants (PA)

Advanced Education? TMA Pushes State for Standards in APRN Clinical Training - 10/18/2018

TMA pushes state for standards in APRN clinical training.

Should You Bill This Visit as “Incident to”? - 10/19/2017

A physician hires a nonphysician practitioner and establishes a standing delegation order for a specific course of treatment. … Read the rest of the scenario. Can you answer the billing question correctly?

Protocols and Prescriptive Authority Agreements - 09/29/2017

In managing physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses, what is the difference between a prescriptive authority agreement and a protocol? Do I need to have both?

“Incident to” and the Initial Medicare Visit - 12/20/2016

Novitas Solutions will deny or downcode claims for initial office visits billed as “incident to” when a nonphysician practitioner performs the initial history and physical.

PAs and APRNs: How Do These Midlevels Differ? - 12/09/2016

Physicians interested in hiring a midlevel practitioner for their practice sometimes wonder whether they should hire a physician assistant or an advanced practice registered nurse. Here’s the basic difference between the two.

TMA Fights Medicaid Anesthesia Proposal - 11/14/2016

The Texas Society of Anesthesiologists (TSA) and TMA sent a formal letter and testified in person against a Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) plan to eliminate the "Physician-Led Anesthesia Care Team Model Billing" for Texas Medicaid. The change would cut payments to anesthesiologists who supervise certified registered nurse anesthetists and anesthesia assistants.

New Nonphysician Practitioner Rules Change How You Supervise - 06/23/2016

Did the new laws regarding nonphysician practitioners change how many charts the supervising physician must review?

New Patient Visit Not “Incident-to” - 06/01/2016

If a new Medicare patient comes into the office and sees the physician assistant (PA) only, can we bill Medicare for the PA’s services as “incident to” the physician?

Using an NPP in Your Practice? Do It Right - 05/31/2016

Do you employ a nonphysician practitioner (NPP)? Thinking about hiring one? Attend TMA's half-day seminar "Nonphysician Practitioners: Fundamentals of Billing and Supervision."

Employing Nonphysician Practitioners: Online Resources - 12/03/2015

The Texas Medical Association has a number of tools to help physicians manage nonphysician practitioners properly.

TMA Releases 2nd Edition of NPP Guide - 08/15/2014

Last year, the Texas Legislature passed legislation that replaces site-based requirements for the delegation and supervision of prescriptive authority for nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) with a framework of delegation and supervision that uses customizable prescriptive authority agreements.

May Nonphysician Practitioners Order DME? - 08/15/2014

Under what conditions may my physician assistant order durable medical equipment (DME)?