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Physicians Now May Apply for TMA Disaster Relief Program Aid - 03/23/2024

Any Texas physician whose Harvey-damaged medical practice is located in a federally declared disaster area now may apply for relief funds from the Texas Medical Association (TMA) Disaster Relief Program.

Safety in Statute: State Law Guides Violence Prevention in Health Care - 01/05/2024

A new state law guides violence prevention plans in health care.  

CMS Introduces Electronic Documentation Submission Tool - 01/02/2024

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a free service to help physician practices of varying sizes and documentation workloads upload and submit medical documents, including prior authorization requests, electronically.

EHR Systems Must Give Practices Export Functionality - 12/13/2023

Practices and patients will be able to export electronic health information more easily thanks to a 21st Century Cures Act requirement that all certified electronic health records systems provide such functionality by Dec. 31.

EHR Data Entry – There’s a Better Way - 07/25/2023

Electronic Health Record (EHR) data entry is a part of the job, but for most physicians it’s a chore. Not only does it take time away from your patients, it adds to the hours you spend in the office (or to the work hours you spend at home). Fortunately, many physicians have found ways to save time doing data entry.

Use EHR to Improve Patients’ Vaccination Rates - 07/25/2023

If you are working to improve the vaccination rates among your patients, don’t underrate your electronic health record (EHR) as a tool.

TMA Disaster Relief Program Sends $350,000 in Aid to First Physician Applicants - 06/28/2023

Relief is on the way for some Texas physicians uprooted from their medical practice by Hurricane Harvey. The Texas Medical Association (TMA) Disaster Relief Program committee distributed nearly $350,000 to the first 28 medical practices to apply for assistance to rebuild. Physicians whose Harvey-damaged medical practice is located in a federally declared disaster area have been applying for assistance for damage not covered by insurance or other means, to speed the rebuilding of their community doctor offices.

TMA Hits $1 Million Milestone to Aid Harvey-Damaged Medical Practices - 06/28/2023

The TMA Disaster Relief Program, set up to aid Texas physicians’ practices damaged by Hurricane Harvey, has reached the $1 million mark. A gift of $5,000 from the Michigan State Medical Society Foundation to the Texas Medical Association Foundation (TMAF) Disaster Relief Campaign, tipped the total raised to over $1 million, fulfilling the campaign goal.

Relief Program Launched to Reopen Hurricane-Devastated Medical Practices - 06/28/2023

When staff of a Houston-area children’s urgent care clinic saw security-camera images of brown, murky Hurricane Harvey floodwater submerging the waiting room, they knew it was bad. Quickly, the physicians and other clinic workers jumped into action. Soon they also consulted the Texas Medical Association (TMA) for help, and learned about the TMA Disaster Relief Program.

Generous Contributions Push TMA Relief Program Near $1 Million - 06/28/2023

Two substantial contributions by national physician organizations gave the Texas Medical Association (TMA) TMA Disaster Relief Program a giant boost today, pushing the total raised to nearly $1 million. The program aims to assist thousands of Texas physician practices damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey recover and reopen to care for patients as quickly as possible.

At Your Service: Practices focus on patient experience and convenience - 06/05/2023

Practices focus on patient experience and convenience to compete in an ever-changing medical landscape.

QHINs Mark a Step Toward Interoperability - 03/07/2023

Physicians likely don’t need another acronym in their vocabulary, but “QHINs” bring some good news that translates to greater access to patient information.

How to Tell Patients About Your Online Practice Tools - 02/23/2023

When your practice adopts a new technology that directly involves patients, such as interactive online forms, a patient portal, or even a simple website, you need to tell patients about it and how using it will benefit them. Here are some suggestions for doing that.

Commentary: Physicians Need High-Value Health Information Exchange to Spur Adoption - 10/12/2022

Although health IT has progressed exponentially in the decade since the Health Information Technology and Economic Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was implemented, physicians are still challenged when it comes to interoperability.

UPDATE: New Information-Blocking Requirements Take Effect Despite Medicine's Call for Delay - 10/12/2022

Since April 2021, federal rules requiring physicians to give patients prompt access to their electronic health information have been focused on a narrow subset of those data. Starting Oct. 6, the so-called information-blocking requirements are set to broaden that scope significantly.

These 10 Tips Will Help You Avoid EMR Liability Exposure - 10/10/2022

Follow these 10 tips for avoiding documentation pitfalls related to electronic medical records.

12 Ways an EMR Can Increase Productivity - 10/10/2022

How does adopting an electronic medical record (EMR) in your practice affect productivity?

Prepare for Disasters With TMA’s Help - 10/08/2022

The Atlantic hurricane season has begun, and physicians who may be affected by a hurricane or other tropical storm need to be prepared. For help doing so, look to TMA's Disaster Preparedness and Response Resource Center.

You've Got Direct Mail: Direct Messaging Offers Practice Benefits - 10/03/2022

Direct messaging is a low-cost, electronic communication method similar to email that allows physicians to exchange protected health information over the internet in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Direct Messaging Can Help You Comply With Federal Information-Sharing Law - 09/08/2022

The 21st Century Cures Act requires physicians to be able to electronically share patient information with other physicians who request it. Direct messaging offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant method for sharing that information.

Hurricane Harvey: One Year Later - 09/01/2022

Studies of the public health, mental health, and environmental effects of the storm could take years to complete. Meanwhile, physician practices share their own lessons learned.

Get Ready for an EHR Upgrade by Dec. 31 to Comply With 21st Century Cures Act - 08/30/2022

Electronic health record vendors must conduct a major software upgrade by Dec. 31, and physician offices should be prepared.

Use This Disaster Prep Tool to Help Patients Collect Their Personal Medical Information - 08/26/2022

With flooding already hitting parts of Texas, now’s the time to remind patients to get copies of their vital personal medical information, in case of an emergency or natural disaster later.

Information Unblocked: Rules Requiring Docs to Give Patients Prompt Access to EHRs Prove Mostly Useful - 08/24/2022

The information blocking regulations stemming from the 21st Century Cures Act, which Congress passed in 2016, broaden patients' access to their electronic medical records and have proven mostly useful since taking effect in April 2021.

New Unscored MIPS Measure Can Help You Refine Your EHR Use - 07/13/2022

Even though it won’t affect your score for 2022, a new piece of this year’s Merit-Based Incentive-Payment System (MIPS) might be worth undertaking just the same – because it can help practices make sure they’re using their electronic health record (EHR) systems safely.