Stories with related Professional Interests

TMA Opposes Physician Assistants Hiring Physicians - 05/21/2016

A physician assistant (PA) cannot legally "employ," even as an "independent contractor," his or her supervising physician. The scope of practice of the PA is set out in Section 2004.202, Occupations Code.

TMA: No Chiropractic Neurology - 05/21/2016

A state chiropractic board proposal to recognize a specialty it calls "chiropractic neurology" could deceive and harm patients, TMA warns in a letter to the board.

TMA Opposes Vestibular Diagnostic Testing by Chiropractors - 05/21/2016

TMA Opposes Vestibular Diagnostic Testing by Chiropractors

TMA Challenges Dentists' Sleep Apnea Rule - 05/21/2016

Dentists should not independently diagnose and treat sleep apnea because they are not trained to do so, TMA told officials of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

No to Chiros Use of Parking Placards - 05/20/2016

My colleagues and I strongly believe that if a patient is acutely injured or has a medical condition with significant mobility restriction – to the point of needing a disabled parking pass – that patient should be seen by a physician who can diagnose the patient’s apparent and underlying medical conditions. TMA and physicians cannot support this bill or any other that interferes with timely and proper diagnosis of acute injuries and chronic conditions.

Hundreds of Calls, E-Mails Fix Bad Scope-of-Practice Bill - 05/20/2016

Thanks to nearly 400 TMA member physicians who called and wrote their state senators, a bill that would have dangerously expanded nonphysician practitioners’ scope of practice was rewritten dramatically.

Chiropractic Neurology Rules Scrapped - 05/20/2016

TMA's ongoing patient safety efforts paid off again Aug. 16 when the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners voted against adopting rules to recognize a specialty it called "chiropractic neurology" after hearing opposition from organized medicine and legislators.

Appeals Court Backs TMA in Chiro Lawsuit - 05/20/2016

Texas chiropractors may not perform needle electromyography or manipulation under anesthesia, the Third Court of Appeals ruled earlier this month.