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Kyle Janek: The Texas Medicine Interview - 04/24/2018

New Texas Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek, MD, has concerns about Medicaid - about having enough physicians to care for patients, about how to improve the health insurer, and other thoughts he shares with Texas Medicine magazine. In this interview he covers that, fraud investigations, women's health and other key issues he and the state face.

State Hires Medicaid Meaningful Use Auditor - 04/19/2018

The Texas Health & Human Services Commission hired Davila, Buschhorn & Associates to audit payments to Texas physicians under the Medicaid electronic health record (EHR) incentive program. A separate auditing firm is examining Medicare EHR incentive payments.

Women's Health Program Gag Rule Defeated - 05/20/2016

Responding to strong opposition from TMA and state specialty societies, Health and Human Services Commissioner Kyle Janek, MD, pulled the gag clause from rules governing the state's redesigned Women's Health Program.

Righting the Ship - 05/13/2016

Texas Medicine interviews Kyle Janek, MD, who is the new executive commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Dr. Janek will start the new year by asking lawmakers for a $4.7 billion emergency appropriation to cover a Medicaid shortfall from last legislative session and to keep the program that comprises the largest share of his budget from running out of money as early as March.

Fix It First - 05/13/2016

Reform recommendations by the Texas Medical Association Medicaid Congress are a critical component of a TMA Board of Trustees resolution offering support for a bipartisan, flexible approach to expanding Medicaid coverage to more of the state's uninsured, namely low-income parents and childless adults. Finding a way for Texas to expand Medicaid coverage is among more than 100 different recommendations the Medicaid Congress researched and developed with input from diverse physician specialties and geographic regions across Texas. Doctors hope the recommendations will factor into the many Medicaid discussions expected to take center stage this legislative session and beyond. The program already is the subject of several bills that aim to save money by expanding Medicaid managed care, adding quality-based payment initiatives, and fighting fraud.

Medicaid Reform Needs You - 05/13/2016

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is accepting applications for members for four new advisory committees established by Senate Bill 7. The bill seeks to improve the coordination of Medicaid long-term care services with acute care services.

Medicaid Fee Hike Requires Eligibility Confirmation - 05/13/2016

Primary care physicians who treat Medicaid patients will receive fee increases for 2013 and 2014 under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but only if they sign an attestation form confirming they're eligible for the raise, state officials say.