Silent PPO

Dr. Buckingham Supports Legislation to Regulate Silent PPOs - 06/13/2016

This legislation would put into place a much-needed law to regulate companies or networks that sell, lease, or share physician discounts without the physician’s knowledge or consent.

TMA Backs Bill to Regulate Silent PPOs - 05/20/2016

A silent PPO occurs when an insurer or third-party-payer accesses a physician’s contract rate through the use of a secondary or rental network. Often such networks do not have a valid contractual relationship in effect with the physician. We believe CSHB 620 is an encouraging step in the right direction toward ensuring these networks’ actions are transparent and appropriate.

Dr. Korenman Supports Regulating Silent PPOs - 05/20/2016

I am being — and I don’t use this word lightly — “victimized” by certain managed care companies who are telling patients — incorrectly — that I am contracted in their network of providers.

Broken Silence - 05/13/2016

TMA Wins "Silent PPO" Legislation     Legislative Affairs Feature – September 2013  Tex Med. 2013 109(10) 41 45. By Amy Lynn Sorrel Associate Editor  Plano psychiatrist Philip Korenman, MD, thought he had a clean slate after canceling most of his health