Free Webinar: Steps to Sell Your Practice - 03/04/2019

If you’re considering selling your practice, you probably have a lot of questions — and concerns. Well, good news: The Texas Medical Association's free webinar, Strategies for Exiting Your Medical Practice for Retirement, can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the many considerations necessary to sell a practice.

Medicare-Eligible TRS Retirees Move to New Humana Health Plan - 01/03/2018

As of Jan. 1, all Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) retirees who are eligible for Medicare (as well as their Medicare-eligible dependents) have been transitioned to the TRS-Care Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, which is administered through Humana.

Red Tape Kills Venerable Medical Practice - 06/17/2016

After 40 years of service and more than 20 years together, the physicians at Austin Internal Medicine Associates (AIMA) will be closing their doors for good Sept. 4. The physicians cited burdensome regulations ― including electronic health record (EHR) requirements and the looming switch to a new medical billing and coding system called ICD-10 ― as factors in their decision to close.