Medicare Meltdown

Another Temporary Patch - 11/09/2017

Physicians and Medicare beneficiaries breathed a sigh of relief on Dec. 15 when President Obama signed a law delaying a 25-percent cut in physician Medicare payments rates until January 2012. It was the fifth time in a year that physicians and patients had seen Congress stop a fee reduction just days before – and sometimes after – it was to take effect. Both the Texas Medical Association and the American Medical Association praised the freeze, but said it is not enough.

TMA Wins Platinum - 05/13/2016

TMA's Communications Division received three Hermes Creative Awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Doctors Angry as Medicare Meltdown Looms - 05/06/2016

In 30 days, physician Medicare payments could drop below the cost of providing care. Doctors have no choice but to consider limiting the number of Medicare patients they see. No doctor wants that to happen. Medicare patients and military families deserve better.

TMA Statement: Medicare “Doc Fix” Fixes Nothing - 05/06/2016

Statement by C. Bruce Malone, MD, TMA's president, about Congress’ latest patch to stave off the current 27.4-percent Medicare cut until the end of 2012, instead of implementing a permanent solution.

TMA Urges Cornyn to Continue Fight to Fix What’s Wrong, Keep What’s Good in U.S. Health Care - 05/06/2016

As the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on its $829 billion health care bill, TMA urges Sen. John Cornyn to continue the fight to "fix what's wrong and keep what's good" in the country’s health care system.