Rotations, Residency Applications, Testing Fees? TMA Low-Interest Loans Can Help - 12/05/2022

As a medical student, Zachary Hamilton, MD, had no idea how he was going to pay for his fourth-year residency applications and travel expenses to interviews. Then he heard about and applied for a TMA low-interest educational loan.

Financial Woes Adding to Med School Stress? Consider a TMA Low-Interest Loan - 09/16/2022

Unsure how to pay for residency program applications, one Texas medical student considered getting a high-interest credit card to cover the cost. Instead, a low-interest loan from the Texas Medical Association solved the problem.

Financial Stress During Residency? TMA Low-Interest Loans Can Help - 09/16/2022

“Professional and fast.” That’s how one Texas resident physician described the application process for a low-interest loan from the Texas Medical Association, which bridged the gap before he received his first paycheck during residency.

TMA Offers Low-Interest Loans for Residency Relocation Expenses - 09/16/2022

Last week, many medical students crossed the next hurdle toward completing their medical education by receiving their residency match. To help offset the costs of ongoing medical training, the Texas Medical Association offers low-interest loans for relocating to your residency program.

Moving After Your Match? TMA’s Low-Interest Loans Can Help - 09/16/2022

If you found out your residency destination during last week’s Match Day, but now find yourself scrambling to gather the funds to get there, the Texas Medical Association is here to help you finance the next leg of your medical education.