Dedicated Cellular Network Open to Physicians Responding to COVID-19 - 03/24/2020

Physicians and other licensed health care professionals are now eligible to join FirstNet, the nation’s only public safety wireless broadband network.

Changes Coming to Certain Informed Consent Forms - 01/02/2020

The Texas Medical Disclosure Panel has adopted changes to two informed consent forms, which will take effect at the beginning of 2020. The panel made amendments to its Disclosure and Consent for Medical Care and Surgical Procedures form and its Disclosure and Consent for Hysterectomy form.

Anson Jones Awards Has a Category for You - 10/09/2019

Do you write a medical column for your local newspaper? Or host a health show on the radio, or maybe do a weekly medical segment on the local television news, or host a health care blog? If so, showcase your talents! Enter the TMA Anson Jones, MD, Awards program in the Physician Excellence in Reporting category.

Is Your Staff as Sharp as Your Scalpel? - 10/01/2019

Do your staff’s communication skills support patient treatment, your reputation, and the livelihood of your business? The Texas Medical Association’s new publication, Rx for Success: Patient-Centered Communication for Physicians, Managers, and Staff, is designed to help practice teams develop the responsive, reliable, and empathic communication skills that patients expect and deserve.

Patient-Physician Electronic Communication - 05/30/2019

Patient-Physician Electronic Communication, Report of the Council on Communication to the House of Delegates, May 2003

82nd Texas Legislature Testimonies and Letters - 04/11/2019

TMA already is hard at work guiding health care policy through the Texas Legislature. Since February, House and Senate committee chairs have held interim hearings on budget cuts, controlling health care costs, expansion of scope, and a myriad of public health issues. At each hearing, TMA has had a physician leader present to ensure legislators understood our position and acted in the best interest of patients. We also have submitted several letters to Governor Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and House Speaker Joe Strauss.

These Five Stages Define Colleague Relationships - 11/15/2018

Healthy workplace relationships are born of mutual trust. This applies to your peers, superiors, and the people you manage. As these relationships evolve, you have to work at keeping them productive and fulfilling, especially once the getting-to-know-you phase has come and gone.

Does a Medical Home Still Truly Exist? - 04/04/2018

Does a medical home truly exist today? That question was the subject of a dialogue recently between two Texas physicians.

The Secret to Getting Your Patients to Listen - 03/02/2018

Many doctors believe the reason most of their patients fail to get better is that they simply don’t do as they are told. They complain that their patient population just won’t listen to reason. The problem may not be your patient population, it may be the way you are talking to them.

Measuring and Managing Population Health - 02/01/2018

Health care delivery and health promotion require timely, accurate, and useful information. Nowhere are useful data more needed than population health management. Although mountains of health-related data exist, useful information is often diffuse, poorly organized, and often inaccurate and incomplete, and doesn't serve those providing health care to individual patients, managing care for groups of patients, or promoting health for communities. Information and communication technologies are rapidly evolving to enhance population health management. These tools include electronic health records, health information exchanges, patient portals and personal health records, telemedicine and virtual health tools, the internet and social media, mobile devices, and wearable sensors. We describe each of these emerging health technologies and their future opportunities for enhancing population health.

How Physicians Can Help With Collections - 04/20/2017

Even if you have a business manager or office manager to “handle the money” for your practice, you, the physician, have an important role in billing and collections.

Cost in Translation - 12/01/2016

In October, federal language access requirements for patients with limited English proficiency took effect. The new rules raise financial concerns for some physicians and their practices.

Style Matters in Written Instructions - 06/23/2016

Want to make it easier for your patients to follow that diet, prep correctly for a procedure, or view and download their health information (a meaningful use measure)? Here’s a great little tip.

Avoid the Jargon - 06/23/2016

A dictionary tool from the University of Michigan suggests plain-language alternatives to both medical and nonmedical words you might often use in your practice.

TMA Exhibit Focuses on Forensics - 05/13/2016

Forensics experts peer into microscopes to solve crimes almost nightly on television. How did forensic medicine, which has revolutionized investigations, begin? Find out with a visit to TMA's newest History of Medicine exhibit, “Bugs, Bones, and Blood,” which examines forensic medicine — the search for truth when someone dies suddenly or mysteriously.

Release of Member Demographic Information - 05/13/2016

TMA Board of Trustees Policy on Release of Member Demographic Information

TMA Wins Platinum - 05/13/2016

TMA's Communications Division received three Hermes Creative Awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.