Five Simple Things You Can Do for Your Practice - 01/14/2021

The only way for you to effect "real change" is through the legislative process. Here are five simple things you can do for your practice starting today - right at your desk.

Portal to Apply for Medicaid and CHIP Relief Funds Open - 06/11/2020

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has opened a portal for physicians who treat Medicaid and CHIP patients to apply for federal emergency assistance related to COVID-19.

Texas Doctors: Protect Patients’ Access to Care From Budget Cuts - 06/04/2020

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) and several other health organizations are urging state leaders to protect patient access to care by taking essential health care services off the financial chopping block.

Texas Continues to Lead Nation in Uninsured Adults and Kids - 09/30/2019

As of 2018, 11.2% of Texas children younger than 19 were uninsured, up from 10.7% in 2017, according to data the Census Bureau released last week. All told, Texas has led the nation in uninsured residents over the past two years, Census data show.

Raise Taxes on Vape Products to Decrease Youth Usage - 04/09/2019

HB 4013 and HB 3364 would deposit tax revenues to the state’s general revenue fund, while HB 1144 directs tax revenues to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Evidence shows more smokers favor tobacco taxes when they are not a general revenue raising tool – in a study of current smokers, only 25% favored increasing taxes on cigarettes, but support climbed to 60% if taxes funded health care programs.

Webinar Can Help You Clear Medicaid Telemedicine Static - 10/12/2018

Do you understand telemedicine in Texas, particularly when treating Medicaid patients? If not, you might want to register for a live, free webinar on telemedicine and telehealth services scheduled for the end of October.

Cleanup, Recovery Continue in Harvey-Affected Areas - 05/10/2018

Since Hurricane Harvey slammed the Texas Coast on Aug. 25, state agencies have deployed resources to the affected areas, health plans have made policy changes, millions of dollars have been raised through donations, and thousands of Texas physicians have put in extra time and effort to address the public health concerns.

TMA: CHIP Managed Care Plans Responsible for Out-of-Network Payments - 04/27/2018

Because federal law prohibits patients covered by the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) from paying anything other than a copay, the state of Texas should require managed care organizations in CHIP to cover the costs for out-of-network physicians. That's the position TMA takes in a formal letter to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Zika Reminder: Mosquito Repellent Covered Under Medicaid - 03/22/2018

To protect against Zika, mosquito repellent prescriptions are covered through Medicaid and other state programs, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Budget Deal Includes Big Health Care Changes - 02/13/2018

Federal lawmakers passed a massive budget deal early Friday morning that will have significant impacts on physicians and health care.

Big Health Changes Tied Up in Spending Battle - 02/08/2018

As we await Federal lawmakers' final answer vote on a spending bill, here are some specifics that should survive final negotiations between the chambers.

Congress Puts CHIP Back on Course - 01/23/2018

The news was almost lost amid the furor over the government shutdown and immigration politics. But it did happen. Funding for CHIP was extended for six more years on Monday.

Congress Votes to End Shutdown, Provide Long-Term CHIP Funding - 01/22/2018

Lawmakers approved a short-term spending package Monday that would fund the federal government through Feb. 8 and end a three-day government shutdown. The package also will extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years, according to several media reports.

CHIPping Away at a Long-Term Extension - 01/19/2018

More than 100 days have elapsed since the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expired, and as yet there’s no deal to renew the program permanently, despite proclamations of its importance and feigned dismay at its lack of funding.

A Holiday Lump of Coal: CHIP Families Could Receive Termination Notices This Month - 12/11/2017

Families enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program could receive letters later this month stating that their coverage will end in January unless the federal government acts swiftly to restore federal funding for the program.

Weigh In on Medicare Cost Measures by Nov. 20 - 11/15/2017

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is testing and developing new methods to identify and attribute relevant Medicare costs, and they want your feedback.

TMA to Congress: Renew Health Coverage Funding for 400,000 Texas Children - 10/17/2017

Although Texas officials are optimistic that federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will be renewed, TMA is leading the Coalition of State Medical Societies’ efforts in urging federal lawmakers to support the program through 2019 and beyond.

New Medicaid/CHIP Guidance on Pharmacy, Medication Policies Available - 09/19/2017

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has further updated a frequently asked questions document related to Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) policy changes related to Hurricane Harvey.

Obstetricians 2017 Legislative Wins - 08/16/2017

As an obstetricians physician you won some key victories in the 2017 Texas Legislature. That’s because Texas Medical Association — now more than 50,000 members strong — did its part by representing all specialties across Texas, and working closely with physicians like you to protect your time, income, patients, and the community you serve.

Health Care Coverage for Low-Income Texans - 02/03/2017

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) cover more than 4 million low-income Texans. That includes half of all children in the state and about two-thirds of people in nursing homes. As the Texas Medical Association has long cautioned, however, a Medicaid card does not equal access to health care. Extremely poor payment rates and extraordinarily high bureaucratic burdens lead most Texas physicians either to refuse to accept all new Medicaid patients or to limit the numbers they can see. TMA encourages the Texas Legislature to increase Medicaid and CHIP payments and reduce administrative hassles, and to search for creative new ways to provide more health insurance coverage for low-income Texans.

STAR Kids Takes Effect Nov. 1; Training Available - 10/10/2016

If you participate in Medicaid, don't forget about the implementation of the STAR Kids managed care program on Nov. 1. The legislature directed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to develop the managed care program specifically designed for children aged 20 and younger who have disabilities.

TMA Urges Congress to Extend CHIP Funding Beyond 2015 - 05/13/2016

TMA signed onto a March of Dimes and Texas Pediatric Society letter asking Gov. Rick Perry to urge the Texas congressional delegation to support continued Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funding beyond 2015. Though the program will run through 2019, federal funding for CHIP expires Oct. 1, 2015, unless Congress extends it.

New Option for Providing LARCs to Medicaid, TWHP Patients - 05/13/2016

Physicians now have a new option for providing select long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) to their Medicaid or Texas Women’s Health Program (TWHP) patients. Effective Aug. 1, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission added Mirena and Skyla to the Medicaid drug and device formulary, allowing physicians the option of writing a prescription for the devices instead of buying and billing, as they had to do before the change.

HHSC Transitioning to New Medicaid Claims Administrator - 05/13/2016

The Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC) is working to move the Medicaid claims administration contract from Xerox to Accenture. HHSC is reviewing Accenture's readiness to take over the contract, which also includes processing claims for the Children with Special Health Care Needs Services Program and vendor drug services.