Stories from Texas Medicine, January 2024

Mental Relief: Physicians Welcome State Behavioral Health Funding - 04/04/2024

Heeding advocacy by the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Legislature allocated during the 2023 regular session $9.4 billion for behavioral health services in the 2024-25 state budget; Texas physicians welcome this 32% year-over-year increase but say more is needed.

TMA to Start 2024 Listening Tour - 02/29/2024

The TMA Board of Trustees, leadership, and staff are hitting the road in 2024 to learn directly from Texas physicians what is working, what isn’t, and what TMA can do to ensure Texas is the best place to practice medicine.

The Doctor's Cure: Anna Vu-Wallace, MD, Heals Physician Burnout Through Meditation - 01/05/2024

Although clear-eyed about the limits of meditation – which can do little to reform the broken health care system – Austin internist Anna Vu-Wallace, MD, knows from experience that it can help pave a path toward wellness.

Putting Patient Care Before Paperwork: TMA Addresses Burnout - 01/05/2024

The Texas Medical Association offers practical tips to address administrative burdens driving burnout.

Added Security: Free Tool Helps Practices Comply with the HIPAA Security Rule - 01/05/2024

Federal officials updated a free tool to help small and medium-sized practices comply with the HIPAA Security Rule.

Close to Home: Scholarships Keep Medical Students in their Communities - 01/05/2024

Scholarships keep medical students in their communities.

Safety in Statute: State Law Guides Violence Prevention in Health Care - 01/05/2024

A new state law guides violence prevention plans in health care.  

Wellness Warriors: Physician-Led Wellness Initiatives Tackle Burnout - 01/05/2024

After years of sounding the alarm about physician burnout and demanding systemic changes, organized medicine – and the health care industry more broadly – is teeming with physician-led wellness initiatives on turbocharged trajectories.