Stories from Texas Medicine, March 2018

Talk to Patients About: HPV - 01/09/2019

HPV — short for human papillomavirus — is the world’s most common sexually transmitted infection. And it can cause cancer.

Election 2018: Continuing the Fight - 01/09/2019

As the party of medicine, TEXPAC throws its support behind candidates who understand what benefits doctors and their patients. In many cases, the real hurdles for medicine’s best candidates loom not in the 2018 general election, but in primaries like the one on March 6.

Commentary: Clear direction needed - 05/03/2018

The best course for providing health care lies between entitlements and options

The Edge of Success - 05/03/2018

Make it through the challenges of forming an accountable care organization (ACO) for just a couple of years, and the money your groups save can be spectacular — into the millions under the right circumstances.

For End-of-Life Care, Fresh Challenges Begin - 04/02/2018

The logistics of entering a valid in-hospital DNR order are about to become considerably more complex. A law taking effect in April lays out new requirements affecting physicians in hospitals or health care facilities.

A Moment to Remember - 03/15/2018

In late 2017, Dallas obstetrician-gynecologist Robert Gundy, MD, delivered the first baby in the United States born from a transplanted uterus.

Fostering Change - 03/09/2018

Senate Bill 11, authored by Sen. Charles Schwertner, MD (R-Georgetown), and passed into law, launched a series of major reforms of Texas’ troubled foster care system.

A Century of Service - 03/08/2018

Today, that group for doctors’ wives has morphed into the TMA Alliance, a powerful political, community, and service organization that relies on the volunteer efforts of both men and women, both physicians and spouses.

A Conversation With Travis County Chief Medical Examiner J. Keith Pinckard, MD - 03/08/2018

Texas Medicine recently caught up with Dr. Pinckard, who has been the chief medical examiner at the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office since 2015.