Stories written by Kate Harrington

Learn From the Experts - 09/26/2018

The Texas Quality Summit, scheduled for November 18-19 and hosted by the Texas Medical Association and the American College of Medical Quality, will give physicians the tools they need to prosper in a value-based care environment.

Costly and Unnecessary? - 12/01/2016

Many U.S. medical students, residents, and physicians want to see the elimination of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam Step 2 Clinical Skills exam, saying it has a high price tag and an even higher first-attempt pass rate.

Read the Fine Print - 05/13/2016

Physicians in private practice must negotiate contracts with vendors for various services. Many contracts often come with fine print that's worth taking some time to examine.

Living the Dream of Private Practice - 05/13/2016

When starting a private practice, physicians often face numerous legal, staffing, and real estate hurdles. Many turn to TMA Practice Consulting for help.